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Makrolon® (Polycarbonate)

Bayer MaterialScience LLC produces consistent, high-quality polycarbonate sheet under the MAKROLON® polycarbonate sheet trade name. Forming and fabrication characteristics and techniques are comparable to those of other commercial polycarbonate sheet products. Browse our line of polycarbonate products and see what Bayer MaterialScience LLC has to offer!

Makrolon® GP  General Purpose Polycarbonate Sheet

Makrolon® GP Textures  Decorative and Functional Textured General Purpose Polycarbonate Sheet

Makrolon® FD  FDA Polycarbonate Sheet Approved for Food Contact

Makrolon® LF  Low Flammability UV Stable Polycarbonate Sheet

Makrolon® FI  High Flame Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

Makrolon® UV  UV Enhanced Polycarbonate

Makrolon® SL Sign Grade  UV Enhanced Sign Grade Polycarbonate

Makrolon® LD  Light diffusing polycarbonate sheet

Makrolon® AR  Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

Makrolon® 15  15 Year Warranty Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

Makrolon® OP  High Optical Clarity Polycarbonate Sheet

Makrolon® Lumen XT  Light diffusing sheet

Makrolon® UC  High visible light transmission polycarbonate sheet

Makrolon® AU  Abrasion resistant, high visible light transmission polycarbonate sheet

Makrolon® TG  Transportation grade polycarbonate sheet

Makrolon® MG  Machine Grade Polycarbonate Plate

Makrolon® WG  Window Grade Polycarbonate Plate

Makrolon® FC  Makrolon® FC

Makrolon® BG  Makrolon® BG

Makrolon® HV  Makrolon® HV

Makrolon® TX  Makrolon® TX sheet is a hard-coated polycarbonate product

Makrolon® SQ  Makrolon® SQ

Makrolon® IR  Makrolon® IR

Makrolon® AL  Makrolon® AL

Makrolon® SK1  Makrolon® SK1

Makrolon® DX-NR  Makrolon® DX-NR